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Inside Kelly Clarkson’s Most Transformative Year Yet



But she did eventually reach her breakaway point, filing for divorce in 2020. And finally feeling whole, she’s been in no rush to become half of a couple again. 

“Not that I’m against it,” she told E! News last June about getting back into the dating game. “I’m not, like, bitter or, ‘Oh, I’m still broken.’ I’m not mad at all. I’m very happy. I’m in a great place. But you know, I’ve lost a bit of me, like in my previous relationship, and I love having her back.”

But while she is open to meeting Mr. Right if he comes along (“I’m just not looking”), Clarkson’s thoughts on getting remarried lean toward never again.

“I never wanted to get married the first time,” she told People. It was important to Blackstock, she noted, “but I’ve never been that person. Because I’ve been through a couple divorces in my family, I just don’t like to put any weight on it. It can happen; it doesn’t have to happen. For my kids, I definitely would never even think about it until they’re out of my house.”

Which may be a more permanent abode by then, but for now her home is a rental that’s walking distance from Central Park and The Kelly Clarkson Show‘s 30 Rock studio.

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