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Golden Bachelor’s Theresa Shares Source of Joy Amid Gerry Split



As for the reason for their split, Gerry and Theresa referenced their dedication to their families and their inability to settle on a place to live. And in an interview just weeks before their breakup, the two suggested they simply weren’t on the same page.

“I still work—that’s the hurdle,” Theresa said on the March 21 episode of the Dear Shandy Podcast. And as she later explained, they were in a long-distance relationship. “Until we decide on a place to really live, then I can really make a big decision to say, ‘OK, we’re going to live in this place or that place,'” she continued. “Originally, it was South Carolina. We’re still not sure if that’s what it is.” 

However, Gerry suggested the living situation was “really secondary” to another ones of their differences.

“I guess the difficult part is I went on to the show to find my partner, and I’ve been retired for a long time,” the 72-year-old added. “I wanted fun, adventure, I wanted to go and do. So that is the crux of it right now: When does that start?”

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