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17 Designer Sneakers That Are Actually Worth It — Starting at $52



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If you love designer items like we do, there’s a good chance you’re into designer shoes. But shopping luxury brands is an expensive hobby, and it can be hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of heels you’ll wear once. Heels and sandals are one thing, but we have an easier time justifying a designer sneaker purchase; after all, sneakers can be worn daily!

Shopping sales are one way to get your designer sneaker fix, but every once in a while, you come across a pair you can’t live without…in those situations, we’d say it’s best to take the leap and rock on with confidence. We found 17 sneakers from brands like Golden Goose, Michael Kors and the Office of Angela Scott that stole our hearts — we’re pretty sure they’ll steal yours, too!

So get ready to nail the rich-mom aesthetic. Here are our top picks!

Under $100

Our Absolute Favorite: The only way you’ll get a designer pair of shoes for a double-digit price tag is by shopping sales. This luxe trainer has a chunky sole, leather upper and a classy Michael Kors logo design. You’ll have a sporty-chic vibe wherever you go!

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Under $500

Our Absolute Favorite: Have you ever seen such a fun and vibrant shoe? This crowd favorite has 100% of reviewers singing its praises…and it’s no secret why! Blue Italian suede coupled with leather detailing yields a high-fashion sneaker you’ll want to wear every single day.

Under $1,000

Our Absolute Favorite: The word “designer” is almost synonymous with “Gucci”. These low-top sneakers have a brown canvas, a round-toe design and a two-inch platform. Try wearing them with a pair of high-waist jeans, a blouse and a chic handbag!

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