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Lo Bosworth Advises Younger Generation to Avoid Retinol



According to Lo Bosworth, young people need to lay off the retinol.

“Young skin doesn’t need retinol and all of those active ingredients,” Bosworth, 37, exclusively told Us Weekly. “I think it can be prematurely aging the skin. It can be too rough on the skin,” she added, explaining her philosophy is “less it more when it comes to skincare.” (Similarly, dermatologist Dr. Galamgam agreed that retinol “can sometimes be a problem for young children, especially if there is not a clinical indication such as acne.” It can cause rashes, sunburns and more, per UCLA Health. Skincare expert Renée Rouleau does not recommend people start using retinol until their “mid to late 20s; anywhere from 25 to 30,” per

The TV personality told Us she stopped using her “topical prescription Retin-A” — which is an acne treatment that also reduces wrinkles — and now relies on Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Retinol + HPR Rapid Skin Renewing Water Cream to keep her skin youthful. (The HPR formula features less side effects than retinol, which can cause a burning sensation, redness, skin irritation and more.)

The rest of Bosworth’s skincare routine consists of a “really gentle face wash … lotion [and] sunscreen.”

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“That’s it,” she told Us. “I’m not doing 12 different layers. My skin actually improved when I used fewer products.”

Bosworth also credits her glowing skin to her wellness routine, which includes drinking “a lot of water,” exercising, eating healthy and getting 10 hours of sleep per night.

“I’m big on sleep,” she told Us, joking, “I will skip plans to sleep.” The Hills alum noted that since she lives in New York City, she gets her steps in by walking “almost everywhere.”

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On top of staying in shape, Bosworth makes sure to eat healthy. “We have so many choices that we can make every single day,” she said. “I’m not [against] a little treat here and there … but I think focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables, and just a ton of water [is best].”

Bosworth told Us that some of her favorite sweet treats include donuts, pizza and more carbs.

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