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Gumball Stumps Rita Ora in ‘The Masked Singer’ Finale Sneak Peek



The door is almost closed on season 11 of The Masked Singer, but it seems Rita Ora is no closer to figuring out who’s under the Gumball costume.

In Us Weekly’s exclusive clip of the Wednesday, May 22, season finale, Ora, 33, breaks down the journey she’s gone on with Gumball, who is one of two contestants left after Thelma Houston was unmasked as Clock last week. (The other is Goldfish.)

“So I wanna tell you guys about my first experience with Gumball,” Ora begins in the clip. “I first met him, and he told me he was a superhero. He also said he’s Southern, and I thought, ‘Wait, isn’t Chace Crawford Southern?’”

Crawford, 38, is from Texas and plays a superhero on Prime Video’s The Boys, but Ora explains that she soon moved on to other guesses.

“From then on, I thought, ‘OK, well, who could be fun and be that instrumental?’” she recalls. “And then I even went down the Jack Black route and I was like, ‘OK, that’s not gonna happen.’”

Ora notes that she thought a football clue was hinting at Taylor Kitsch, who famously played Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights, but the clues about Gumball’s family and kids don’t align with Kitsch’s personal life.

“This is kind of my last chance, so I’m just gonna keep throwing names at you and hopefully one will stick,” Ora says. “What about Joseph Gordon-Levitt?”

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The clip ends before Ora can be proved right or wrong, but fans will find out soon enough whether she’s correct. Her fellow panelists — Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy — have guessed that Gumball could be Kevin Jonas, Jamie Dornan, Derek Hough, Taran Killam, James Marsden, Jason Sudeikis or Zachary Levi.

Season 11 has seen plenty of big names unmasked already, including Jenifer Lewis, Corey Feldman and a team made up of Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken.

Earlier this month, Aiken, 45, exclusively told Us that he nearly forgot he’d been on the show because so much time lapsed between filming and the airdate.

“We both forgot that our episode was airing, because it was [filmed] so long ago and we’re getting old,” Aiken joked. “I think I even texted it to you, Ruben, and said, ‘We sound good.’ And you said, ‘Huh?’ I said, ‘You don’t remember our show aired last night?’ And you’re like, ‘Oh, crap.’”

The Masked Singer airs on Fox Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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