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FBI’s Katherine Renee Kane Wants Scola and Nina to Get Married Next



Katherine Renee Kane joked she is “jealous” that FBI: Most Wanted got to shoot a wedding during its season 5 finale — and now she is ready for one on FBI.

“I’m very happy for them,” Kane exclusively told Us Weekly of Ray (Edwin Hodge) and Cora’s (Caroline Harris) Most Wanted nuptials, which aired on Tuesday, May 21.

The actress, who plays Special Agent Tiffany “Tiff” Wallace on FBI, noted that it’s a “different tone” for the FBI franchise.

“We’re always working on cases and we’re always looking over dead bodies,” Kane explained. “But to see people in love and joining in matrimony, oh man, that’s so different.”

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When it comes to who should tie the knot on FBI, Kane is all for her partner Stuart Scola (John Boyd) and his girlfriend, Nina Chase (Shantel VanSanten). The couple started their romance on FBI before Nina joined Most Wanted full-time for season 5.

“We’d absolutely love to have a wedding on that show,” Kane told Us of FBI, which returns for season 7 this fall.

Earlier in season 6, Nina and Scola crossed over onto each other’s shows to give fans an inside look at their lives as parents to son Dougie.

“I would say we get to see Scolina like we’ve never seen them before — and they’ve never seen each other in this way, either!” VanSanten, 38, told TVLine in April of her appearance on FBI that season. “We get to ‘be on the job with them,’ let’s say that.”

During the crossover, Nina went undercover with Scola as a married couple to help catch a cop killer and thief.

While the episode was mostly about the couple, Kane told Us it was great working with VanSanten again.

“She is very, very fun to have on set,” Kane recalled. “She brings a lot of joy and levity. She’s super kind and she’s really talented, so I enjoy working with her too.”

Kane, who has been part of FBI since season 3, is also a big fan of Boyd, 42, and their characters’ bond.

“He’s an easy guy to get along with. He has a great sense of humor,” Kane said of Boyd. “He’s really smart. He sets a high bar for his work.”

She gushed about their onscreen chemistry, adding, “It’s something that I enjoy. I enjoy working with him, and I enjoy the challenge of trying to make all of our scenes authentic and resonant.”

While the FBI: Most Wanted finale celebrated Ray and Cora’s wedding, the FBI finale was about closure for Tiff. During Tuesday’s episode, Tiff and her team caught and killed Hakim (Antwayn Hopper), who was responsible for the death of their coworker Agent Hobbs (Roshawn Franklin).

“They have absolutely put a stop to Hakim and his reign of terror,” Kane told Us of the season 6 conclusion. “As far as her coping with guilt, I think she’s started doing the work, and if she continues, she’ll absolutely see that begin to become a distant memory for her [and] something she can move past.”

Season 7 of FBI premieres on CBS in fall 2024.

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