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This Silk Pillowcase Will Up Your Beauty Sleep in 2024



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What’s something hairstylists, dermatologists and beauty experts can all agree on?

It’s no secret that silk pillowcases are having a major moment right now. If you’ve ever been on wellness TikTok, you’ll see plenty of videos highlighting green juice, journaling, essential oils and silk pillowcases. It’s obviously easy to understand that green juice benefits the body, journaling benefits the mind and essential oils benefit the senses — but what’s the actual deal with silk pillowcases?

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Beauty-lovers and celebs alike praise them for their blowout-protecting, crease-reducing and anti-aging qualities — all made possible by switching to silk over satin. But be mindful: not all silk pillowcases are created equally, which is why we’re here to discuss the best of the bunch!

Get the Slip Silk Queen Pillowcase for $89 at Violet Grey! Please note, prices and deals are accurate at the date of publication but are subject to change.

These gems from Slip are 100% silk and have become a staple in the home of thousands of 5-star reviewers across the internet. Straight hair, curly hair, oily skin, dry skin, wrinkles or no wrinkles — it doesn’t matter! Users report extra-restorative sleep from a from a brand clinically shown to provide unparalleled benefits for skin hair and overall wellbeing.

And the benefits aren’t small ones — silk pillowcases can reportedly brighten and smooth skin, reduce fine lines and creases and prevent friction with the pillowcase. Friction for stomach sleepers means tugging on skin all night long, stretching and creasing it in places you don’t want (which is, well, pretty much everywhere!).

Curly-haired people deal with the challenge of curls flattening out during the night, something that a silk pillowcase solves by preserves curl shape and reducing frizz. For the straight-haired folks, a major issue is pesky bed head — how frustrating is it to wake up from a good night’s rest with tangles and ridges around your crown? Luckily, silk is such a soft material that hair doesn’t tangle or crease!

The thought of a silk pillowcase may remind you of a character in a princess movie, but we all need our beauty sleep! We sleep anyway — silk pillowcases just make that process much more enjoyable and restorative with a slightly cool and unbelievably smooth texture.

Sounds like a case for better sleep in 2024, right?

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Get the Slip Silk Queen Pillowcase for $89 at Violet Grey! Please note, prices and deals are accurate at the date of publication but are subject to change.

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