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‘Southern Hospitality’ Recap: Will Kulp Denies Cheating Claims



Will Kulp took back the narrative on the newest episode of Southern Hospitality and denied he cheated on girlfriend Emmy Sharrett.

“I have a bone to pick with Joe [Bradley]. He’s just continued to let me down,” Will, 26, said during the Thursday, January 4, episode. “Then when Oisin [O’Neill] goes and tries to create a rumor about me, this guy who says he’s my friend chooses to do nothing about it.”

Joe, 27, then told the cameras, “Will is very hurt right now. As a friend all I can really do is warn you about the rumor. Why do I have to be the guy who always [has] to squash the beef?”

During last week’s episode, season 2 newbie Oisin accused Will of kissing a girl at Joe’s place after they allegedly went into the bathroom together. Will claimed at the time that he was simply consoling the random girl. Will alleged that the girl was “romantically involved” with his friend who recently died, which is why they had an “emotional conversation.”

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On Thursday’s episode, Will confronted Joe about not defending him when he allegedly knew that Will was innocent. “There’s definitely a lot of misunderstanding. There’s a lot of frustration. There’s a few main issues. 1. Oisin. 2. The rumor,” Will explained, telling Joe, “You were the one person who could have come in and snuffed out that flame in two seconds. I felt like you fumbled the bag on it.”

Joe argued that Will’s girlfriend, Emmy, “knows it’s not f–king true,” to which Will fired back, “because it isn’t.” Joe agreed, saying, “It’s not true, I know,” noting that he could have been a “better friend” when everything transpired.

Elsewhere in the episode, Mia Alario spoke with Emmy, 25, about the cheating rumor and claimed she talked with one of the girls who witnessed Will’s actions. Mia, 25, alleged that one of the girls in the apartment texted her saying that Will was “100 percent” inappropriate on the night in question.

“I said, ‘Did you see them kiss?’” Mia recounted, to which the girl allegedly replied, “Yeah, I definitely did see them kiss. … 100 percent.”

Emmy, who has been dating Will since 2021, confessed, “I don’t believe it for a second. I don’t trust that girl’s opinion. … How s–ty do you think Will is? I don’t believe it.”

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Mia proceeded to tell Will about her text exchange while Emmy was sitting in the room. When Mia claimed the girl she knows “saw them kiss on the mouth,” Will denied it.

“It’s bulls–t,” Will insisted. “First of all, everyone was f–ked up in that apartment. I was consoling this girl. We were both crying. I’m sure that if you looked at it from a certain angle, you might be like, ‘They kissed.’ But I didn’t kiss this girl.”

Will admitted, “This rumor has gone out of control. … It really feels like I’m getting attacked by all these people that I didn’t really expect this kind of behavior from.”

Emmy concluded by asking Mia to have her and Will’s back instead of stirring the pot. “I just need to be supported,” Emmy quipped. “I am so serious. I feel like there is no empathy for the situation. It is just, like, you’re still skeptical.”

Southern Hospitality airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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