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‘Southern Hospitality’ Recap: Oisin O’Neill Claims Will Kulp Cheated



Newbie Oisin O’Neill ruffled some feathers on the newest episode of Southern Hospitality when he claimed Will Kulp cheated on his girlfriend, Emmy Sharrett.

Oisin, who joined the Bravo series for season 2, made waves on the Thursday, December 21, episode after Emmy, 25, claimed that he “slapped my ass” while they were working together at Republic Garden & Lounge.

The tension grew when Oisin stumbled through an apology to Emmy in front of her boyfriend, Will, 26, whom she’s been dating since 2021. “I’m sorry, if I did do that, and I don’t deny that I did. Obviously, you want to be treated differently,” Oisin told Emmy, to which Will interjected, “She doesn’t want to be treated differently. She wants to be treated with respect.”

Oisin fired back, telling Will, “You don’t know anything about respect, so just keep quiet. I’m talking to her, not you.”

Will was fuming as he fired back, “You better be talking to me. … You have no respect for my girlfriend or for me.” Oisin replied, “I have no respect for you. I don’t care about you.”

When Oisin tried to grab Emmy’s hand and apologize, Will got even more fired up. “Don’t touch her!” he screamed. Oisin continued to poke the bear, saying, “Don’t worry Will, we’ll look after her at work.”

Oisin later teased to the cameras, “I’ve got some dirt on that boy … and he’s been misbehaving.”

During Oisin and Will’s first meeting one week prior, it was clear that Oisin wasn’t Will’s biggest fan. “I did picture Emmy with someone a little more masculine,” Oisin quipped in a confessional interview during the December 14 episode after going out with him and the boys. The twosome also butted heads over Oisin being Irish and Will being of English descent.

On Thursday’s episode, Oisin eventually spilled the tea about Will’s alleged nefarious actions, claiming he’d been unfaithful to Emmy during the boys’ night out.

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“Will did something on boys’ night that I thought was not very cool. He f–king made out with some girl,” Oisin alleged while attending Grace Lilley’s fairy tale birthday bash. “Will ganders off to the bathroom and this girl goes with him. There [are] two other girls [that] say they saw him making out with this girl.”

Joe Bradley, who hosted the boys’ night, confronted Will about the allegations during the party. “There was a rumor that Will made out with some girl,” Joe, 27, told Emmy and Will, both of whom seemed unfazed by the claim.

Will said it was “bulls–t,” while Emmy questioned Oisin’s intentions. “He has it after Will,” Emmy alleged. “There’s an outsider coming in trying to make a lie that Will hooked up with her. Do you know how f–ked up that is?”

Will explained the situation further during a confessional interview, claiming that he went into the bathroom with the girl to have a deep chat. “I realized that she used to be romantically involved with my friend who just passed away,” he said of the woman in question. “It [got] to be a really emotional conversation. So, we [went] to the bathroom.”

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Joe told the cameras that he “never saw them kiss,” but he confirmed that Will did “walk into the bathroom” with the girl.

“This is bulls–t. That’s all I’m thinking,” Emmy confessed during her own interview. Their pal Bradley Carter was also convinced that it didn’t happen. “Will is a good man. I don’t think he’d cheat on Emmy like that,” he added.

The preview for the next episode of Southern Hospitality hinted that there might be more to Will’s story — and Emmy will have to handle it head on.

Southern Hospitality airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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