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‘Southern Charm’ Recap: Austen Kroll Gets Into Physical Fight With JT



Austen Kroll hit his breaking point with Jarrett “JT” Thomas during the season 9 Southern Charm finale — and it resulted in a scuffle in front of their friends.

“In Jamaica I realized Austen cares about nobody but himself,” JT, 38, said during a confessional interview in the Thursday, January 4, episode, referring to the group’s recent getaway. “Deep down he’s a self-serving, insecure, me first, coward.”

Austen, 36, and JT have butted heads all season as JT took issue with Austen kissing Taylor Ann Green. The kiss caused Austen’s ex Olivia Flowers and Taylor, 28, to have a falling out.

JT and Austen’s drama bubbled over on Thursday’s episode after Taylor friend-zoned JT when he said that he had feelings for her. The rejection led JT to confront Austen at a group party and call him “a snake and a coward.”

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“What are you squealing about?” Austen quipped while speaking with JT at the bar. JT then accused Austen of being the “genesis of why there’s so much pain and tears” within the group, claiming Austen is “an arm’s length friend who cannot be trusted around any woman.”

When Taylor stepped in to try and diffuse the situation, JT snapped back, saying, “You’re taking his back? I’ll never forget this.”

In that moment, Austen finally realized why JT has been constantly attacking him and his character. “Oh, now I get it. He’s jealous of me,” Austen told the cameras. “He wanted Taylor so bad. And I get the girl. JT doesn’t.”

JT continued to spiral at the party and claimed that Austen and Taylor did more than kiss, which is why Shep Rose is still so mad at Austen. (Austen hooked up with Taylor shortly after Shep, 43, and Taylor split in July 2022.)

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“You’re a little boy who cried wolf wrapped in a 6’5 frame. I’m looking at you man-to-man in the face,” JT yelled at Austen, who then pushed him away.

Austen and JT proceeded to shove each other back and forth before the camera crew stepped in. “What is f–king wrong with you dude?” Austen asked. “10 years, never physical contact and here you come in.”

JT claimed that Austen hit him first, to which Austen replied, “You head butted me!” JT fired back, saying, “You f–king lose. I’ll see you never again.” Austen ended the night outside with Whitney Sudler-Smith shaking his head. “This is f–king insane,” Austen confessed.

Shep told the cameras that he wasn’t entirely mad about what transpired between JT and Austen. “I think Austen and I’s relationship is very frayed. I gave him the benefit of the doubt over the past few months,” Shep explained. “But, he did wrong. He was a bad friend. It hurts. I hate to say it, but Austen kind of deserves it and nobody can dispute that.”

Part 1 of the season 9 Southern Charm reunion airs on Bravo Thursday, January 11, at 8 p.m. ET.

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