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‘Southern Charm’ Finale Clip: Olivia Flowers Confronts Austen Kroll




Olivia Flowers doesn’t mince words in the Southern Charm season 9 finale while grilling her ex-boyfriend Austen Kroll about his failed relationships.

“I know it’s been inconsistent with us, but it’s not a good friendship,” Olivia, 31, tells Austen, 36, in Us Weekly’s exclusive sneak peek at the Thursday, December 4, episode of the Bravo series. “It just seems like nothing is genuine.”

Austen claims that he’s “just trying to be here” for Olivia after their split in fall 2022 and her brother Conner Flowers’ sudden passing in January 2023. “I’ve only ever done that for you,” he alleges, asking, “When have I not been there for you?”

Olivia side steps the question and accuses Austen of getting “off” on “getting two girls [to fight],” seemingly referring to her broken friendship with Taylor Ann Green. (Taylor, 28, and Olivia have been at odds throughout season 9 after Taylor lied about kissing Austen after he and Olivia called it quits.)

“Look at the paper trail of pissed off women you leave,” Olivia quips. “We all have the same thing to say about you.” Austen tries to defend himself in the video, alleging, “These women don’t have the end result.”

Olivia, however, doesn’t listen to Austen, firing back, “At what point do you want to stop having conversations and actually just go have them with yourself?”

As a stunned Austen is left speechless, the camera switches to a conversation between Taylor and her ex-boyfriend Shep Rose. The twosome have also weathered a few storms this season after Shep, 43, admitted he felt betrayed by pal Austen for moving in on Taylor after their July 2022 split.

“Taylor, I want to get to a place where we can be super supportive and kind. Over the last couple of months, we’ve made a really cool step,” Shep tells Taylor in Us’ sneak peek of Thursday’s episode. Taylor explains, “My cool step was in hopes for something more,” admitting that she might “possibly” want to “get back together” with Shep.

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The Southern Charm season finale was filmed in 2023 and both Taylor and Olivia have since moved on with new romances. Taylor exclusively told Us in October 2023 that she is dating a guy named Gaston “like Beauty in the Beast,” whom she met through her Southern Hospitality cast connections.

One month later, Olivia revealed on the “Viall Files” podcast that she is in a relationship with a man named Alex from Dallas.

The season 9 Southern Charm finale airs on Bravo Thursday, December 4, at 8 p.m. ET.

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