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SNL’s Sarah Sherman Hilariously Shares How Her Dad Was in a Sketch



Yes, Saturday Night Live star Sarah Sherman was also surprised when her dad, Andrew Sherman, made a cameo on the variety show.

“We were at the table read one day, and I just see a stage direction in the script that says, ‘Sarah’s real dad enters the room.’ And I was like, ‘Huh, no one ran that by me,’” Sarah, 30, recalled during a Wednesday, January 24, interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Sarah’s dad appeared in a Please Don’t Destroy sketch in December 2022. He played the dad to Sarah’s fictitious character, taking revenge on SNL writers Ben Marshall and Martin Herlihy after they insulted her. (Marshall, 28, Herlihy, 25, and John Higgins make up the comedy group.)

Sarah explained that her dad was “like a celebrity” to the Please Don’t Destroy group. She added that the trio “got the vibe” of her father through jokes she told about him during her stand-up routines.

When host Jimmy Fallon asked whether Andrew enjoyed his TV debut, Sarah gushed that he had “an amazing time” — and made a lasting mark on the variety show.

Sarah explained that the SNL cast receives T-shirts from the pretape department at the end of every season, featuring characters from the pretaped segments. For the season 47 edition, Sarah’s dad’s character made the cut.

“So, I gave him the shirt, and he took the shirt and he found himself on the shirt and stenciled the drawing of himself from the shirt and blew it up and turned it into his own, just Andrew Sherman, merch,” Sarah said. Andrew, who was in the audience of The Tonight Show, began laughing as he stood up to display his design.

In the same interview, Sarah noted that when she first joined the SNL cast in October 2021, Andrew’s initial reaction was to ask her when she was going to be featured on another beloved NBC show.

“The first thing he said was like, ‘Dude, when are you going to be on Fallon, bro?’” Sarah recalled, referring to The Tonight Show. “It was the first thing he said. I was like, ‘I haven’t even been on SNL yet!’”

As a former SNL cast member himself, Fallon, 49, gushed that he’s a “big fan” of Sarah’s work.

“You have an infectious charm to you,” Fallon said. “You pay it off — every time I see you, you do something super funny, and I can’t wait to watch you in a sketch.”

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