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Shoppers Love This Soft Services Buffing Exfoliant Bar



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Winter skincare is crucial, and can be the difference between having nourished, healthy skin or dry, hard-to-manage skin. Often, the body gets left out of the skincare conversation, and that simply needs to change! Soft Services, founded by Annie Kreighbaum and Rebecca Zhou, does just that. The brand offers products which put the body first and create a solution to a variety of common skin conditions. The Buffing Bar is an exfoliating tool which nourishes, soothes, smoothens and conditions the skin — and it’s only $28 right now!

The Soft Services Buffing Bar consists of two exfoliating bricks designed for body skin. These bars are composed of super-fine sanding crystals to soothe and moisturize the skin and aid specific skin ailments. For example, it’s great for those with keratosis pilaris — a condition which causes bumps on the back of arms, thighs and hips, and it helps with strawberry skin — the discoloration of hair follicles on legs and other extremities.

Get the Soft Services Buffing Bar for just $28 at Soft Services!

These exfoliating bars assist in smoothing rough elbows, knees and heels, and are good to use on areas prone to getting painful ingrown hairs. Although this product works across many use categories, the exfoliating bars are not ideal for those with sensitive, sunburnt or irritated skin. Also, you shouldn’t use it on an active breakout, and you shouldn’t use it in place of your daily facial cleanser!

What should you do? You may use these exfoliating bars in the shower on clean, wet skin at least two-to-three times weekly. First, wet the bar, and then use gentle pressure in small, circular motions on parts of your body to smoothen (remember to avoid sun-damaged, broken out or otherwise irritated skin!). It’s also important to note that you control the power of the bar — for instance, use firmer pressure on rough spots like heels and elbows, but you should be more gentle on sensitive areas of the body, such as the chest.

Speak with regards to the exfoliating bars, one Soft Services customer noted, “This is a revolutionary product for me. It’s so effective in treating my Keratosis Pilaris. It’s economical too, as you get two soap bars. Each of which will last me about 2-3 months!”

Another happy Buffing Bar user said, “Sounds dramatic, but this has honestly been kinda life-changing. I’ve had really severe and excessive KP and strawberry skin all over my limbs for most of my life. I’ve used up one buffing bar, and I’ve already seen a massive improvement in my skin and felt an improvement in my self-image. Well worth the high price if you struggle with the same things I have.”

But don’t let the reviews do all the talking. Try the Soft Services Buffing Bar now and get your skin back on track this winter season!

See it: Get the Soft Services Buffing Bar for just $28 at Soft Services!

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