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Sheree Whitfield Claims She Knew Phaedra Parks Was a Traitor



Real Housewives of Atlanta castmates Shereé Whitfield and Phaedra Parks have known each other for years, so it stands to reason that each could have a read on the other’s gameplay during season 2 of The Traitors.

Shereé claims she did, at least.

TikTok personality Zachary Reality posted a video earlier this week in which Shereé, 54, says, “I knew Phaedra was a traitor early on.”

Needless to say, fans of the Peacock reality competition series are split on whether the player with multiple Reddit threads dedicated to her cluelessness on the show actually clocked the lone original traitor remaining in the game.

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“Shereé knew for sure! When she took a sip of water during the round table banishment of Dan, cause she knew and she was worried for Phaedra,” one TikTok commenter theorized.

A user on X had the opposite take, saying, “Shereé it’s OK to say you did not know what was going on. We thoroughly enjoyed you.”


Sheree says she KNEW what was going on the whole time !!! 🍑 #traitorus #shereewhitfield #porshawilliams #phaedraparks #peacock #zacharyreality #interview

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While Shereé didn’t elaborate on what tipped her off or how this supposed knowledge informed her strategy, she did reveal how she planned to play from the start.

“I watched. I did my homework,” she said. “I watched season 1 and I’m like ‘OK, you know what, my strategy is gonna [be to] go in and kinda soak everything, be a sponge and listen … I can’t be too messy. Messy works on Housewives, it does not work on Traitors.”

In episode 9, which released on Peacock on Thursday, February 22, Shereé had the chance to banish Phaedra, 50, from the game, but chose not to despite supposedly knowing her fellow Housewife is a traitor. She cast her vote for The Bachelor’s Peter Weber, along with three others. An additional three players voted for Phaedra, and the episode ended on a cliffhanger, with MJ Javid holding the tiebreaking vote, to be revealed next week.

If Phaedra is eliminated, Kate Chastain will be the only traitor remaining and will likely have to recruit one more as the season winds down.

With the finale fast approaching, time is running out for Shereé to show her secret genius. Then again, she has survived in this game while reality competition titans like Dan Gheesling, Parvati Shallow, Janelle Pierziena and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio have all been eliminated.

Maybe Shereé put it best when she said, “Shereé knew what was going on.”

New episodes of The Traitors drop on Peacock Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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