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SATC Fans Won’t Believe Price Carrie Bradshaw’s Tutu Sold For



We couldn’t help but wonder, how much would you pay for a tutu?

When the tulle skirt Sarah Jessica Parker famously wore as Carrie Bradshaw for Sex and the City‘s opening theme went up for auction, this is exactly the question many buyers asked themselves. And the answer, readers, might surprise you.

Though Julien’s Unstoppable: Signature Styles Iconic Women In Fashion auction originally estimated the skirt’s selling point to be $8,000-12,000, Carrie’s three-tiered white tulle skirt featuring a satin waistband ultimately sold for a whopping $52,000. 

It was among the top three items from the auction, only outsold by a dress worn by Princess Diana and a Givenchy ensemble Grace Kelly wore while meeting President John F. Kennedy, which both sold for $325,000.

And the best part? SATC costume designer Patricia Field only spent $5 on the tutu in New York City’s garment district ahead of filming, per the site. The website also notes Carrie was originally going to wear a spring 1998 Marc Jacobs runway dress during the opening credits, but that they ultimately opted for the tutu because it was “something that wasn’t specific to the time so it wouldn’t date fashion-wise.”

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