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Safdie Brothers Are Done Making Movies Together



The Safdie brothers, the filmmaking duo behind “Uncut Gems” (2019) and “Good Time” (2017), are splitting up.

Benny Safdie confirmed the “amicable” breakup with his brother, Josh, in an interview with Variety, calling it “a natural progression of what we each want to explore.”

“I will direct on my own, and I will explore things that I want to explore. I want that freedom right now in my life,” Benny Safdie told the publication in a wide-ranging interview.

A new film that was to be a follow-up to “Uncut Gems,” which would have seen the brothers reunite with Adam Sandler, has been put on pause, according to Variety.

The publication reported that while the two were set to co-direct the film, Benny Safdie said “he did not co-write the script and hasn’t been a meaningful part of the creative process, despite reports to the contrary.”

In its review of “Uncut Gems,” The Times called the brothers “two of the more playfully inventive filmmakers working in American cinema,” noting that the pair “clearly like working your nerves.”

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