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RHOSLC’s Monica Garcia Breaks Down Lisa Barlow Feud With Mary Cosby



In Us Weekly’s exclusive clip of the Tuesday, November 28, episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Monica Garcia drops by Mary’s house to check on her — but also to discuss their mutual frenemy Lisa Barlow.

“I wanted to come and check on Mary. I have missed her,” Monica, 40, says in a confessional interview. “She always makes me smile. I could have, like, had a buddy at some of this s–t. I could have used some backup dressed up as a pioneer, which we all know Mary would have been an amazing pioneer.”

Mary, 51, was noticeably absent from Heather Gay’s “pioneer day” event from the November 21 episode after admitting that she does not regret saying Heather, 49, looks “inbred.”

“I’ve been good,” Mary told Monica. “Just trying to pace my time and make sure that my sanity is protected. Make sure I’m not losing my mind on anyone like I did.”

Monica then tells Mary she understands what she means because she feels like she’s been losing her mind with Lisa, 48. The duo have been at odds all season, most recently because Lisa implied that no one would want to be Monica’s mother.

“I feel like Lisa was just relentless,” Monica said, seemingly referring to the fight she and Lisa had at Whitney Rose’s jewelry launch party.

Having experienced the wrath of Lisa as well, Mary understands, but she’s also noticed that Monica gives as good as she gets. “With Lisa though I feel like you both go back and forth,” Mary says. “I feel like it’s not just her, I feel like it’s both of you.”


Monica agrees, but says she still feels like Lisa “gets nasty” with her. “I’m trying to figure out where her problem is with me,” she explains. “Ever since that dinner in Palm Springs when I said she’s materialistic, I feel like I have just stayed under her skin.”

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Earlier in the season, the duo fought after Monica told Lisa she was being insensitive while complaining about losing her $60,000 ring in an airport. Lisa, however, wasn’t having it, saying in a confessional, “When you can afford to buy a $58,000 ring, you’ll care about it too.”

Despite the dig, Monica claimed she wasn’t upset that Lisa negatively compared their finances. “That is Lisa through and through,” Monica told E! News in September. “I genuinely felt like, ‘Yep, that’s exactly what I was trying to say. You think you’re better than people because of that. Just be aware that that can be a bad look.’”

Earlier this month, Monica declined to discuss the ring situation during an episode of Us Weekly’s “Housewives Happy Hour.” When asked what really happened to the missing jewelry, Monica took a sip of her drink and pleaded the fifth.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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