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Readers Share Favorite Books of 2023



Both Kevin and Amber are deeply conflicted, complicated characters, and the author takes such care exploring their embattled experiences with relationships, grief, faith, ambition, nihilism, celebrity, climate disaster … I can’t recommend it enough!” — Emily Saso, Toronto, Ontario

“For those born after the Vietnam War, ‘Absolution’ provides a concise history of the early days of the war and how the aftermath impacted families for the rest of their lives. For those of us who lived during it, we are reminded of the people who thought they were doing the right thing but got it so wrong.” — Sharon Sample, Des Moines, Iowa

“‘In Memoriam,’ by Alice Winn, was by far the best novel I read this year, and possibly in the past three years. I get books from the library, but ‘In Memoriam’ was so good I bought myself a copy so I could read it the week of my birthday every year — the best kind of gift to myself. It’s not on this list, but it really should be.” — Sabina FooFat, Squamish, B.C.

“Stephen King is a reliable author, and “Holly” has its charms, but as far as the page-turners go, ‘Small Mercies’ was in another league this year. I don’t read all that many thrillers, but Lehane created something deeply atmospheric, and his central character is a gem.” — Felix Rieckmann, Singapore

“Congratulations, Chain-Gang All-Stars. My other top 2023 reads: Let Us Descend, Maame, and Moonrise Over New Jessup.

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