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‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond and Husband Ladd Frequently Skinny Dip



The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond’s interests extend outside the kitchen and involve her birthday suit — and husband Ladd Drummond.

“Our hot tub officially became functional toward the end of this summer, and Ladd and I jumped in with both feet (figuratively speaking) the first evening it was hot,” Ree, 54, recalled in her The Pioneer Woman blog on Friday, December 22. “The only complication, and I’m sorry if this is too much information, is that because we aren’t swimming pool people, neither of us owns a bathing suit.”

Ree wrote that the pair “waited till dark because I’m shy about my body” to walk across the yard wrapped in towels and “inched our way into the 103-degree water in our birthday suits.”

“It was absolute bliss — warm, bubbly bliss — and we’ve enjoyed it three to four evenings a week ever since,” Ree confessed.

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Ree joked that their time in the hot tub is not what a “Harlequin country romance” is made of.

“That water is way too hot for any of that,” she noted. “We may be naked, but we typically just sit in the heavenly water, stare up at the smog-free sky, talk about our hopes, dreams, concerns, and fears…and laugh at the dogs.”

The Pioneer Woman shared that “it’s been three or four months” and the dogs “can not understand why a) mom and dad are naked, b) mom and dad crawl into a water hole in the ground and stay for 20 minutes, and c) mom and dad are naked.”

She added that one of the couple’s dogs, Lucy, is “embarrassed and confused” by her parents and “spends the whole time pouting on the porch, refusing to look in our direction until we cover ourselves.”

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“I’ll keep you posted on our hot tub adventures (within reason), but so far it’s going swimmingly!” Ree concluded.

While the pair let their dogs near the hot tub area outside, Ree exclusively told Us Weekly that she and Ladd, 54, do have a rule about where their furry friends cannot go.

“The only thing we agree on, and I reluctantly agree, is that we don’t have dogs in bed with us because he’s not that kind of guy,” she told Us in February 2020. “Now, I do tell him in jest, joking, I always say, ‘If anything happens to you, the dogs are coming to bed with me.’ That’s how I will console myself because I would have the dogs in my bed.”

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Ree added that Ladd “doesn’t like that feeling of dog hair,” and she can’t bring the dogs into bed with her when he’s not around. She joked that “he can feel a crumb from 2004 that was once in our bed.”

“I’d be [like], ‘I don’t know. It must be from the previous owner,’ ‘Well, there wasn’t a previous owner.’ ‘Oh,’” she laughed.

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