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Nikki Reed Shares Update on Life With Ian Somerhalder and Their 2 Kids



Ian narrates the film, which focuses on climate change and is the sequel to the 2020 documentary Kiss the Ground. Nikki serves as an executive producer.

“We also have a company we’re launching that is going to market in January,” Nikki continued, “And then I have my business and holidays are always hectic with that. Literally, everything is all hitting at the same time, and everything is important.”

The actress keeps busy with her socially conscious jewelry brand BaYou With Love. The products are sold online but she hopes to soon see them in stores.

“How can we continue to strive towards better? For me, that means sustainability and amazing regeneration,” she said. “We even use diamonds that are grown using hydropower. I love that idea of that cyclical feeling of extracting, giving, and also giving maybe more than you’re extracting. That is a huge part of next year, bringing this line to a regenerative space. And, hopefully in 2024, we’re moving into a brick-and-mortar, too.”

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