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Nicki Minaj Teaches Stephen Colbert How to Properly ‘Waft’ Perfume



Nicki Minaj gave Stephen Colbert an important beauty lesson during her Wednesday, December 20, appearance on The Late Show

“You gave the Barbs a big holiday gift with Pink Friday 2 and also the release of a new fragrance,” Colbert, 59, said in reference to Minaj, 41, blessing her fanbase (a.k.a. the Barbs) with her fifth studio album on December 8 and a coinciding perfume by the same name in November. 

As Colbert praised Minaj’s latest projects, he gave members of the audience a look at the perfume, which was encased in a bottle made to look like the rapper in a bright pink wig. 

“Do I take the hair off?” Colbert said, trying to open the bottle, which made Minaj burst into laughter. “Yes, you’re taking the whole head off,” Minaj instructed before gesturing how to properly apply the scent. 

“You’ve gotta waft it!” Minaj continued. Colbert then stood up and proceeded to spray a large amount of the scent in the air. “Not too much like that!” Minaj squealed as Colbert tried to dial it back. He quickly understood perfume protocol, spraying a bit more and then walking through the misty cloud. “Yes! See!” Minaj said excitedly. 

“That’s really nice,” Colbert said of the smell. “I am getting notes of a little floral and spicy,” Colbert continued as Minaj agreed, adding that Pink Friday 2 also has hints of musk.

“It’s like a picker upper type of smell,” Minaj explained. “It is one of those smells he won’t ever forget, you know, one of those smells where after you leave the room, he’s still like, ‘Oh my God,’” she told the audience. 

When Minaj’s perfume debuted, it was a surprise to fans and the hitmaker. The fragrance was set to be available for purchase on December 17, following the release of her album, which dropped on December 8.

Minaj took to social media on November 24 to share her confusion as to why Pink Friday 2 was released early. “I had no idea,” she tweeted. “Was informed of nothing. Didn’t get a link to post. Just woke up one day & boom! saw y’all discussing it.”

The rapper went on to note that an employee from the perfume company “advised that she’ll be getting back to me w/answers on this right away. Apparently she had no clue either. Go figure.”

In 2012, Minaj released her original Pink Friday perfume, following her 2010 album also named Pink Friday. The perfume featured floral petals, vanilla and woodsy scents in another bust sculpture bottle.

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