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Unpacking the Murder Conspiracy Case Against Lindsay Shiver



What has Lindsay Shiver said about the allegations she tried to have Robert Shiver killed?

After more than two weeks in Fox Hill Prison, Lindsay was freed Aug. 9 on $100,000 bail and ordered not to leave the Bahamas. A court clerk told Court TV that she has been told to avoid contact with Robert and her fellow defendants, but she is allowed to speak with her children.

Terrance and Faran were released from custody six days earlier after each posted a $20,000 bond, their lawyer told CNN. All three suspects were fitted with ankle monitors and were required to check in several times a week at a local police station.

None of them were required to enter a plea before posting bail.

E! News reached out to attorneys for Lindsay, as well as the Nassau-based lawyer representing Terrance and Faran, for comment but did not hear back.

Speaking to the NY Post on Aug. 11 outside the Nassau precinct where she was required to check in, Lindsay said, “It’s been really tough.”

Her alleged boyfriend Terrance, when asked about Lindsay’s “kill him” WhatsApp message, told after his release from custody, “Everybody says things out of frustration.”