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RHOBH’s Kyle Slams ” B—h” Sutton Over Vegas Stripper Meltdown



After all, earlier that day, Erika had advised that anyone who wanted to get a lap dance should wear pants, which Sutton did. While Sutton denied her meltdown was about not getting pulled up on stage, Kyle insisted, “I’m pretty sure this can something to do with the pants,” only infuriating her friend more.

“You go enjoy the strip club show that ya’ll came to see, I don’t want to,” Sutton declared. “My brand is not that.”

But when Kyle called her costar’s reaction “excessive,” Sutton screamed at her to “shut up,” causing the Halloween Ends actress to call her a “b—h.”

“I am so not buying Sutton’s story,” Kyle explained in her confessional. “You brought money to put in their pants! I’ve never seen such a switch of a personality so fast.”

As they exited the venue, the fight only worsened as Sutton said, “You’re such a bitch! You really are. You hit really low, Kyle.”

This caused Kyle to retort, “Are you kidding me? You do not say ‘your brand’? Now you’re being a b—h! Don’t you be a f–king b—h to me.”

Once in their sprinter van, Sutton immediately calmed down, telling Kyle, “I’m sorry and I apologize to you.”