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Mean Girls Clip Reveals Who Gretchen Wieners Married



Gretchen Wieners isn’t a regular mom, she’s a cool mom.

At least, that’s what this new Mean Girls-inspired ad starring Lacey Chabert suggests. In a Black Friday commercial released by Walmart Nov. 8, the North Shore High alum—who was last seen in the 2004 comedy trying to make it in the “Cool Asians” clique—is now married with little ones of her own.

And her husband is played by none other than actor Eddie Liu, known for his roles in the TV shows Kung Fu, Never Have I Ever and Silicon Valley.

“After high school, Gretchen formed her own clique,” Lindsay Lohan—reprising her role of Cady Heron—said in a voiceover. “The Wieners household.”

And just like what her own parents did when she was in high school, Gretchen is getting her daughter a pair of white gold earrings for Hanukkah.

“White gold? It’s giving 2004,” her teenage daughter snarked in one scene, prompting Gretchen reply, “I don’t think your grandfather, the inventor of Toaster Strudel, would be too pleased with to hear you using that tone with me.”