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Ian Somerhalder Reveals Why He Left Hollywood



Not only is the brand educating pet parents on the lengths they’re going to provide the best, healthiest eats for their furry friends, but they’re aiming to raise up to $300,000 for their Greater Ground soil growth grants, banking a $1 towards the initiative with each video view.

“That’s their way of saying, we want to get in there and literally get our hands dirty,” said Somerhalder, “and start helping these farmers transition because it can be a little scary, right? But when we do it together, it’s way less scary.”

A fairly apt metaphor for parenting if we’ve ever heard one. Though Somerhalder and Reed seem to be adjusting quite nicely to their new family of four. 

“It’s the best thing ever,” Somerhalder marveled of adding to their brood, which has only enforced his desire to create positive change. “Once you become a parent, you realize everything you do throughout your day, you have the ability to make these little tiny incremental changes, whether it’s who you buy your cat and dog food from, what restaurants you eat in, how you dispose of your own waste.”