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Love Is Blind’s AD Explains Why She Confronted Sarah Ann



Love Is Blind’s season 6 star Amber Desiree “AD” Smith opened up about her confrontation with Sarah Ann Bick during the lake party — and claimed that it wasn’t planned.

“I had no idea that I was going to talk to Sarah Ann,” AD, 33, revealed in a Thursday, February 29, interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Honestly, I didn’t think she was going to be there, so talking to her was very interesting.”

She added, “Laura’s my girl and I have her back. And if I have the opportunity to stick up for any of my friends, I know they would do that for me. And so given the opportunity, I did that for her.”

On season 6 episode 11 of the Netflix dating series, which dropped on Wednesday, February 28, viewers saw AD come to Laura Dadisman’s defense after Sarah Ann sent an Instagram message to Laura’s fiancé, Jeramey Lutinski, before hanging out with him until 5 a.m.

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“I saw the DM that you sent to him,” AD told Sarah Ann, who also dated Jeramey in the pods, during a one-on-one discussion. “You don’t think it’s’ a little outlandish to tell a man who just got engaged that if the door’s still open [you’d be interested]?”

Sarah Ann, 30, responded by saying that Jeramey, 32, was the one who “left the door open.” She then went on to try to explain her side of things to AD and claimed that she and Jeramey never wanted to break up with each other in the first place.

“The way he broke up with me he was like, ‘I don’t want to do this,” she disclosed, adding, “And I didn’t say what I should of because I didn’t want to be like, pick me, pick me. … He told me, ‘I wish you would have said how you feel because maybe things would have been different.’”

The conversation then got heated as AD called Sarah Ann’s approach to trying to be with an engaged man “wild.”

“You know [Laura’s] engaged to this man and to not give them a fighting chance?” AD asked. “For a man that did not [choose you], for you to then circle back? At the very end of the day you knew that they were engaged.”

Their tense talk ended with Sarah Ann saying she felt like she did nothing wrong and meant “no ill intent,” which caused AD to walk away mid-conversation.

In a confessional, AD addressed Sarah Ann’s view of what went down and was still in disbelief. “I think it’s weird that Sarah Ann thinks she did nothing wrong,” she said. “I think infiltrating an engagement, whether they’re happy or not, is not her place to do. And I thought it lacked class. And I’m Team Laura.”

In the end, AD’s talk with Sarah Ann didn’t appear to do any good, as Sarah Ann and Jeramey went on to have a private one-on-one where they agreed that her DM to him after their breakup wasn’t as “bad” as others are making it seem. Jeramey, also mentioned that he agreed “100 percent” with Sarah Ann’s thoughts, noting that he “doesn’t regret” talking to her while still engaged to Laura.

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By the end of the lake party, Laura and Jeramey had called it quits for good — and he and Sarah Ann fled to the lake on jet skis as the rest of the cast watched from the shore.

New episodes of Love Is Blind season 6 release Wednesdays on Netflix.

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