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Love Is Blind Season 6 Reunion Date Revealed



What happens outside the Love is Blind pods? Well, you’ll soon find out…

The season six reunion special is set to premiere March 13, Netflix revealed Feb. 23.

“Filmed in front of a live audience and filled with surprise guests, hosts Nick [Lachey] and Vanessa Lachey will bring together the love hopefuls for the first time since the experiment ended,” the streamer shared. “They’ll reflect on their relationships, dissect the season’s twists and turns, and reveal secrets that have surfaced since the experiment concluded.”

Which means fans will finally answers from contestants like Jessica Vestal, Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnall, who caused a love triangle between the three before proposing to Chelsea, who may or may not look like Megan Fox.

And though Chelsea accused her fiancé of allegedly not kissing her enough, Jimmy recently set the record straight on their relationship dynamic.

“Proof I kiss chels,” he captioned a Feb. 22 Instagram of the two locking lips. “Chelsea is an amazing person and loves so hard. Due to time, a lot of the full story this far wasn’t shown. There are reasons we are both fighting for each other and sticking to our promise.”

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