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Whoopi Goldberg Doesn’t Think Exercising in Jeans Is an Issue



Whoopi Goldberg has a hot take on wearing jeans while at the gym.

During a roundtable discussion on the Tuesday, November 14, episode of The View, Alyssa Farah Griffin mentioned that a friend told her Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — who recently made headlines for using an airplane bathroom barefoot — exercises while wearing denim.

“Who does that?” cohost Sunny Hostin asked while Griffin, 34, responded, “Yeah. That’s a serial killer move right there.”

Sara Haines, for her part, questioned the functionality behind the attire option since she can “barely sit” while wearing jeans. Goldberg, 68, then weighed in, saying she had worked out in jeans before and hadn’t encountered an issue. Hostin asked Goldberg how she managed “sweating in the privates” while wearing a heavy article of clothing.

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“You change your clothes when you get home,” the EGOT winner explained. “Listen, sometimes you don’t have time to stop when everyone else is in their shorts and everything and you go and you get some exercise in when you can!”

However, Haines, 46, had more questions for Goldberg as she seemingly couldn’t fathom the actress’ position.

“You have gone and worked out in your jeans, in the gym, in public, and people witnessed this?” she asked which Goldberg confirmed was true.

Joy Behar came to Goldberg’s defense and interjected that she did not understand “the big deal.”

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“I don’t know, apparently it’s a freaky thing to some people,” Goldberg quipped.

This isn’t the first time the View cast has debated each other’s fashion choices on the talk show. Earlier this year, Behar and Goldberg were dumbfounded by a top Griffin decided to wear during a July episode.

“I’m fascinated by that shirt you’re wearing,” Behar said at the time as Goldberg chimed in, “I didn’t want to bring it up … I wasn’t going to say anything.”

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Griffin donned a button-up that featured what appeared to be a single deconstructed sleeve. While Griffin admitted she wasn’t sure if she was wearing the shirt correctly, she decided to “go with it.”

Goldberg wasn’t impressed with the style of the top and wanted to cut the sleeve. Before taking drastic action, she called out the show’s stylist Fran Taylor to explain the design. Taylor revealed that the shirt piece had matching sleeves but it was obstructed by Griffin’s long hair.

“Wait, that makes so much more sense,” Griffin said after she learned she was wearing it wrong. “You cannot trust me with fashion, which is why we have Fran.”