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Lala Kent Mocks Claims She’s Jealous of Ariana Madix With Nude Pic



Lala Kent remains unbothered after dividing Vanderpump Rules fans in the official trailer for season 11 of the Bravo series.

The reality star, 33, took to Instagram on Tuesday, December 12, to share a nude photo of herself from behind. “Jealous of what? Your ugly leather pants?” Lala captioned the post, referencing an iconic line delivered by Sutton Stracke on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during a season 11 fight with Crystal Kung Minkoff.

Crystal, 40, took to the comments section to share her reaction, writing, “These are way hotter than my pants 🔥.” Stassi Schroeder, meanwhile, praised her former Vanderpump Rules costar, adding, “BRB just gonna go make a collage of your naked bod pics as my workout inspo.”

Bravo viewers were quick to question whether Lala’s post was a subtle dig at the backlash she received after the trailer dropped. Lala further fueled the fire with an Instagram Story upload that read, “I am living for the trailer getting everyone all riled up.”

During the Monday, December 11, sneak peek, the entire Vanderpump Rules cast dealt with the aftermath of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss‘ affair. Sandoval’s infidelity — and his subsequent split from Ariana Madix — made headlines in March after filming for season 10 had already wrapped.

Following the scandal, the cast picked up cameras again to film a new season finale that included details about the drama. Most of the Vanderpump Rules cast returned for season 11, but Raquel, 29, confirmed her exit in August.

Lala appeared to side with Ariana, 38, in the season 11 trailer while getting into a screaming match with Sandoval, 41. By the end of the video, however, Lala surprised viewers by questioning the outpouring of support and opportunities Ariana received post-scandal, saying, “I have never experienced someone who gets cheated on and suddenly becomes God!”

During the latest episode of her “Give Them Lala” podcast, Lala referred to the trailer as “sensational.” She also said her assistant Jessica Walter inspired her to take nude photos during their group vacation to Hawaii earlier this month.

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“I think I am going to post [the photos]. I have been back and forth,” she said on the Wednesday, December 13, episode. “Before — back in the day — people were like, ‘Yes, bitch. Get it! Work!’ and now everyone is like, ‘You have a daughter!’”

Before posting the cheeky clapback photo, Lala previously maintained that she and Ariana are on good terms. Rumors started to circulate about whether the duo were actually close after Lala publicly defended Sandoval at BravoCon.

Lala surprised Bravo attendees last month when she stepped in after Sandoval was immediately met with boos from the crowd at a Vanderpump Rules panel. “In a weird, weird way, I don’t care if you f–king boo me. … With everyone really hating on Tom, he still went out, he still performed shows,” she said at the time. “Life went on. … If I were in his position, I’d tell y’all to go f–k off.”

During an exclusive interview with Us Weekly at the fan convention, Lala stood by her decision to defend her costar, explaining, “I just felt like it was enough. I don’t know that it was really directly for Sandoval. It was just like, we can’t keep doing this. We’ve got to move on at some point. And I didn’t feel like the punishment is fitting the crime any longer.”

Later that month, Lala clarified that her public support for Sandoval didn’t mean she wasn’t on good terms with Ariana.

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“I am not blind to what you have gone through. So, I feel like we are in a really great place,” she said of Ariana during an Amazon Live stream. “If she ever became my enemy, it would not be because I chose that, and I don’t see her choosing that either.”

Lala revealed Ariana’s initial reaction to her stepping in at the panel, saying, “I think in the moment after I said that she was probably annoyed with me. But I have really great conversations with Ariana. This season is going to look very different. And I think everyone is very raw and confused.”

According to the beauty mogul, season 11 has the potential to change people’s minds about the drama.

“There’s a couple of people who are still standing strong in how they feel,” she concluded. “But I know that Ariana knows me and sometimes I have to remind her that, ‘Even though I say these things, it doesn’t mean I’m going to invite him to Christmas dinner. It doesn’t mean I’m checking in on him. Like, you are my friend. I will always be honest with you and I will always support you.’”

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