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Kylie Kelce Praises ‘Sexy’ Jason Kelce for Her Christmas Necklace



Kylie Kelce is a happily taken woman. 

While gushing about Christmas 2023 with husband Jason Kelce and his brother, Travis Kelce, on the Friday, December 29, episode of the siblings’ “New Heights” podcast, Kylie, 31, praised the gift Jason, 36, got her and also raved about his “silver fox” looks. 

“Christmas was great,” Kylie told Travis, 34, when he asked about the holiday. “[Jason got me] more than one [gift],” Kylie continued, which seemed to shock Travis, who said, “What!” 

Kylie then revealed that she was wearing one of her presents, a necklace from her “favorite jewelry store.” The accessory featured a gold chain and a sparkly pendant.

Impressed by the gesture, Travis said, “Not only is [Jason] sexy Batman, he is sexy Santa,” to which Kylie agreed. “He is. He is,” she said sweetly. 

In addition to the necklace, Jason bought Kylie a Transformers action figure — Optimus Prime, to be exact. While Kylie was thrilled over the surprise, she revealed that her kids are terrified of the toy. 

“There was just absolute screams of terror,” Kylie said of her daughters’ reaction, adding that she’s kept the figurine in its box. Kylie and Jason — who wed in April 2018 — share daughters Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett, 10 months. 

In addition to thanking Jason for a good Christmas, Kylie expressed her adoration of his good looks. 

Elsewhere during the episode, Jason read questions from fans, one of which inquired about Kylie’s reaction to Jason being one of People magazine’s 2023 Sexiest Men Alive. 

“I mean, I married him, guys,” Kylie said, implying that she’s always been aware of her husband’s appeal. “All the women that passed up on this … mine. I knew this. This [accolade] is a no brainer to me. He’s still mine.” 

When Travis asked whether the nod has made Jason “sexier than he’s ever been,” Kylie admitted he’s “aging like fine wine.” 

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“He’s going, like, silver fox. When we first started dating, he would have a random gray in his beard and he’d let me pull it,” she recalled. “As I was pulling it, he would tell me how excited he was to get gray and to go white. I was like, ‘Eh, gray hair? That’s weird.’ Now, I’m like, ‘You son of a bitch.’ He’s salt and peppered on the sides. I mean, come on.” 

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