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Kylie Jenner’s Pink Hair: Get the Look



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My Roman Empire is the summer of 2016. I can still recall listening to “Closer” by the Chainsmokers for the first time, throwing on a little black choker with every outfit and aimlessly admiring Kylie Jenner‘s bubblegum pink hair. Almost everyone I know wishes they could re-live that carefree time… and that dream may become a reality, because Jenner recently unveiled her new nostalgic pink ‘do on Instagram.

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“Hiiiii remember me,” the mogul captioned her post debuting the return of her King Kylie era hair color. I’m not totally sure if her pink hue is real or a wig, but regardless I’m taking it as a sign that 2024 is about to have the same energy of 2016, and I’m 100% here for it. In fact, I’m so inspired, I may just try out the pink haired-life for myself with the help of this $20 Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Dye in Frose that’s available on Amazon!

Get the Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Dye for just $20 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at date of publication but are subject to change.

When dying your hair, it’s important to select products that will help it maintain integrity. Arctic Fox initially caught my eye because the vegan and cruelty-free formula deeply conditions and hydrates locks, and is free from harsh chemicals like peroxide and ammonia — harmful elements that contribute to dry, brittle hair post-dye job. Additionally, compared to permanent dye, semi-permanent formulations don’t penetrate the hair shaft. Instead, they sit on top of hair. Because of this, the results don’t last as long as permanent dye — although this formula still maintains vibrancy for about three to six washes. All you need to capture the perfect selfie!

Reviewers say the longevity of the dye is perfect, especially for those who want to test out a vibrant hue for a short time. “I used 2 bottles for my first dye, and 5-6 weeks later used a half of a bottle for re-dye,” explains one customer. Many people also note the pleasant fruity scent — an uncommon attribute for any hair dye, let alone at-home options — which makes it even more enjoyable to use.

Keep in mind that if you want to fully achieve the icy pink like Jenner, you might have to bleach your hair. (I highly recommend going to a professional for this to avoid frying your mane.) Arctic Fox includes a handy chart that clearly lays out what your the end result will look like based on your original hair color. Of course, because blonde hair is the lightest, bright hues like pink are more likely to show up. If you have darker hair, you’ll just get a pink-tinge.

If pink isn’t totally your speed, you can usher in a new era for yourself with one of the other 22 colors Arctic Fox offers. Will you opt for Periwinkle, Aquamarine or maybe Sunset Orange? Be sure to add this to your cart ASAP to achieve a new look (and new energy!) for 2024. Kylie Jenner would totally approve.

See it: Get the Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Dye for just $20 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at date of publication but are subject to change.

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