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Kris Jenner Told Kylie Jenner to ‘Be Ready’ for Makeup Line to Fail



Kylie Jenner is opening up about the difficulties of starting a makeup line from scratch, revealing even mom Kris Jenner had her doubts.

In an interview published on Monday, November 27, in Interview Magazine, Kylie sat down with Jennifer Lawrence to discuss life, work and motherhood.

At one point in the interview, Jenner revealed that although her makeup line Kylie Cosmetics is now thriving, it didn’t begin as an easy endeavor.

“Proving people wrong was a challenge, but so was building it from the ground up,” Kylie said.

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“It was me and my mom and we never made a makeup line. We didn’t know where to start. We didn’t have anyone helping us. And my mom thought I was going to be stuck with lip kits in my garage for the rest of my life,” Kylie recalled. “I think we ordered 5,000 of each color; that was the minimum. And she was like, ‘You better be ready, Kylie, because you might have a lot of lip kits in your garage for the rest of your life, so you better love these colors.’”

When Kylie Cosmetics officially launched on November 30, 2015, it quickly proved to be a hit success. Within one minute, they sold out of all of the lip kits and the website crashed due to the high volume of customers. The company has since generated at least $900 million.

After that, Kylie had to strategize how to make the company’s success long lasting. “We were like, OK, how do we do this? How do we make these faster and better?’” she told Lawrence in the same interview.

“We got in my mom’s car and drove all over California and visited all these factories,” Kylie continued. “Finding the best manufacturer was difficult. We were a new company, so growing in front of a lot of people was hard. You don’t have room to make mistakes. But it wasn’t a bad thing. It was so successful and it was the best time of my life.”

In November, Kylie transitioned from makeup to clothing when she launched her new clothing line, Khy.

“What was the hardest part of transitioning from the beauty industry to the fashion industry?” Lawrence asked the reality star.

“It wasn’t that hard,” Kylie replied. “I’ve always loved both, and I think they go hand in hand. Especially when I’m doing red carpets or picking major events and outfits, I think that the makeup and the hair can make or break your look or just give it different energy or take it to another level.”

“I agree,” said Lawrence. “It’s a symphony. It all has to work together. And you just have that eye.”

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