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Jonathan Van Ness Claps Back at Troll Asking If They’re Pregnant



You can’t get in Jonathan Van Ness‘ hair. 

The Queer Eye star was quick to shut down a social media troll who replied to a clip of them wearing a fitted dress with the question, “Is he pregnant?”

“I am,” Van Ness joked in a video posted to TikTok Jan. 21. “Please respect my privacy during this difficult time. The doctors aren’t quite sure what’s going on about my pregnancy.” 

The hairstylist kept the bit going, adding, “They’re trying to figure it out. It’s really weird.” 

Soon, hundreds of fans took to the comments to praise Van Ness for dealing with the rude comment by using a bit of humor. 

“You are such a positive and amazing person,” one TikToker wrote. “Sorry people are so ugly.”

Another user commended the TV personality for their inspiring fashion choices, adding, “You gave me confidence to wear what I want. You looked so good in a bodycon dress it made me feel like I could look cute.”

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