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Jeremy Allen White Calls This Bravo Show His ‘Guilty Pleasure’



Jeremy Allen White is a secret Bravo fan.

White, 32, teamed up with his The Iron Claw costars Zac Efron and Harris Dickinson for BuzzFeed’s “The Puppy Interview” and revealed his favorite guilty pleasure — which is, surprisingly, a reality show.

“I do love reality. Reality’s interesting,” Dickinson, 27, said. White was quick to respond, “Below Deck … you can pop in at any time.”

Dickinson agreed, adding, “Below Deck’s amazing because there are so many seasons.”

Efron, 36, had a rather interesting response to the question.

“I’m obsessed with The Bear,” he told his castmates, referring to White’s Hulu series. White responded with a quip, asking, “Is that a guilty pleasure, Zac?”

Dickinson chimed in to add, “Sometimes I put The Bear on and pretend that Jeremy’s shouting at me.”

White then made it clear he’s happy to yell “anytime” anyone needs him.

The trio play real-life brothers Kevin Von Erich (Efron), Kerry Von Erich (White) and David Von Erich (Dickinson) in The Iron Claw, which is set to hit theaters later this month.

All three actors have spoken candidly about the quick bond they formed on set, which is evidenced by their constant banter in interviews.

“Getting into this, I wondered if there would be this quiet competition between us men, mimicking the relationship between these brothers,” White told Variety of his costars in an interview published on Thursday, December 14. “But Zac would push us to do better scene work and was a cheerleader in a way that I didn’t really expect. He was consistently patting us on the back and picking us up.”

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While the actors spent a lot of time together when filming The Iron Claw, Efron seemingly stayed in character more than his counterparts.

“Harris and I — we got dinner every once in a while, or we allowed ourselves a little bit of life outside of work during that time,” White added. “And I’m not so sure about Zac. He was kind of a machine during that time. And I do think that these [Von Erich] men probably felt like machines in some game constructed by their father. I don’t know how far away Zac got from Kevin during the entirety of the filming process, but if I had to guess, I don’t think he ever drifted too far away from character.”

Despite the intensity of the filming process, the actors formed such a deep connection that they’re still friends.

“It was a blast to work with Zac and Harris,” White gushed to Esquire in May.