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Jason Tartick Wants More Money Talk on ‘The Bachelor’



Jason Tartick thinks more people should be talking to their romantic partners about money — and that includes contestants on The Bachelor.

For his new book, Talk Money to Me, Tartick, 35, asked several Bachelor Nation veterans — including Trista Sutter, Clayton Echard, Ben Higgins and his own ex-fiancée, Kaitlyn Bristowe — whether they discussed their financial situations during their fantasy suite dates, which take place off camera. Of all the people he asked, only Peter Weber said that he had, and all of them said they wished they’d broached the topic.

“Realistically, who’s talking about money or their career in a fantasy suite? Probably next to no one,” Tartick exclusively told Us Weekly ahead of the Tuesday, April 2, release of Talk Money to Me. “But it was also interesting to hear if they knew then what they know now, and many of those leads said they wish they did have the conversation about that.”

While credit scores may not be a hot topic on The Bachelor, Tartick thinks “we’re slowly breaking the taboo of talking money,” pointing to Love Is Blind as an example of a show where it’s somewhat less off-limits to discuss your finances and career.

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“If we look at Love is Blind now, we’re seeing a lot of those conversations,” Tartick told Us. “What are your career aspirations? What are your earnings? What type of financials do you have? And the biggest thing is whether it’s an unscripted TV show in a fantasy suite or in a pod or it’s real life, the idea here is if you are in a tough financial position, that’s OK. That’s great. The idea though is let’s just talk about it so there aren’t surprises and we’re on the same page.”

While Bachelor fans can’t be sure that the show’s most recent lead, Joey Graziadei, discussed his finances in the fantasy suites, Tartick — who is friends with the 28-year-old tennis pro — definitely encouraged him to address the topic with his potential fiancées. (Graziadei got engaged to Kelsey Anderson during the season 28 finale last month.)

“Joey is such a great guy. I got to know Joey before the show, and of course, we’re still really good friends,” Tartick told Us. “When it comes to finances and career and all that, before the show, I said, ‘Make sure you’re having those conversations.’ I did say that, and then also currently I’m like, ‘Man, you are on fire. Make sure you get an accountant. Make sure you get your insurance. Go set up your LLCs because you’re going to do some big things.’”

While the idea of discussing your finances with anyone — let alone your partner — is scary, Tartick practices what he preaches in the book, sharing his own credit score (796) and offering details about how many bank accounts has and how he invests his money. He also admits that he and Bristowe, 38, didn’t have the money talk before they moved in together. (The duo announced their split in August 2023.)

“If I can expect my [‘Trading Secrets’ podcast] guests to talk to me about their money circumstances, I better be willing to put my butt in the chair and do the same,” Tartick explained to Us. “And that first year I did it, I was literally shaking. I had sweat coming down my back. I was so nervous talking about money. And that’s because of the fear of judgment that comes with it. I now have gotten so comfortable with it.”

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Talk Money to Me is full of useful financial advice, but fans of reality TV may also be interested in Tartick’s interviews with people like Cheval from Say Yes to the Dress and Tinder Swindler victim Cecilie Fjellhøy. And while Tartick’s Bachelor Nation days may be behind him, he wouldn’t say no to joining Peacock’s The Traitors — which Weber, 32, recently told Us he thinks Tartick would be great at.

“I would absolutely crush that show,” Tartick agreed. “If you see this, you put me on that show — I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. … Let me get in the mix! I would love it.”

Talk Money to Me: The 8 Essential Financial Questions to Discuss With Your Partner is available now from HarperCollins Leadership.

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