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Jacob Elordi’s ‘He Went That Way’ Movie: Everything to Know So Far



Jacob Elordi is following up his recent roles as Elvis Presley in Priscilla and Felix in Saltburn with the role of a serial killer.

Elordi portrays Bobby in the new film He Went That Way alongside Zachary Quinto. Inspired by real-life events, dangerous hijinks ensue after Bobby hitches a ride with celebrity animal trainer Jim (Quinto) and his chimpanzee Spanky on Route 66.

The movie debuted at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival, during which Quinto shared that he was initially “resistant” to accept the role of Jim. “I met with the director and spoke to the producers about the plan to integrate this character, essentially, the chimpanzee,” he told The Donna Drake Show in June. “And I was so impressed by their game plan and by the way it was executed.”

Quinto also noted he felt “really drawn” to director Jeffrey Darling’s vision for the film, as well as “excited by the possibility of working with [Jacob],” adding, “I just made sense.”

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Scroll down for everything we know about He Went That Way so far:

Is ‘He Went That Way’ Based on a True Story?

The movie is inspired by the real-life story of celebrity animal trainer Dave Pitts, who encountered serial killer Larry Lee Ranes while traveling with his chimpanzee Spanky, who performed in the traveling show The Ice Capades, in the 1960s. Pitts is the only survivor of Ranes’ 1964 killing spree.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the end credits of He Went That Way feature interview footage of Pitts describing his encounter with the murderer, as well as clips of spany’s Ice Capades performances.

When Does ‘He Went That Way’ Premiere?

He Went That Way premieres in theaters January 5, 2024, and on demand January 12, 2024.

Who Stars In ‘He Went That Way?’

In addition to Elordi and Quinto, the film also stars Suits alum Patrick J. Adams as a priest named Saul. Other cast members include Troy Evans, Alexandra and Nicolette Doke, Ananyaa Shah, John Lee Ames, Josh Archer, Roman Arabia, Christopher Guyton and Phoenix Notary, the latter of whom does the physical performance for Spanky.

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Who Directed ‘He Went That Way?’

He Went That Way is Darling’s first and only feature film. He died at age 60 in March 2022, not long after principal photography on the movie had wrapped, per The Hollywood Reporter. Darling was awarded the Australian Film Institute’s best achievement in cinematography award for his work on 1990’s The Crossing starring Russell Crowe and had directed two Crowded House music videos and a 1996 short film titled Page 73.

Is There Trailer for ‘He Went That Way?’

Elordi’s Bobby begins the film’s trailer, released in December 2023, on a creepy note, asking police officers, “You guys keep asking about the five guys that I killed, but why don’t you ask me about the one that I let live?”

After being picked up on Route 66 by Quinto’s Jim, the two appear to form a friendly connection — that is until Jim discovers Bobby’s murderous nature. As a result, Jim strikes a deal with Bobby, agreeing to drive him to his end destination of Chicago in exchange for his freedom.

“You said we had a deal,” Bobby eerily tells Jim. “You said you’re a straight shooter, but you’re not. So, we’re gonna be straight with each other from here?”

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