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Inside the Chilling Maleesa Mooney Homicide Investigation



What is known about what happened to Maleesa Mooney?

Surveillance video from Mooney’s downtown L.A. apartment building showed the model alive on Sept. 6, according to the investigation report obtained by E! News. Footage from the next day, per the report, showed an unidentified man using Mooney’s key fob to get into the elevator and then carrying plastic bags into her unit.

Detectives stated in the report that Mooney was supposed to go to her former residence on Sept. 9 to pick up some belongings but never showed up. Her sister called police on Sept. 10 to request a welfare check; per the report, LAPD officers knocked on Mooney’s door but there was no answer and, not seeing signs of “nefarious activity,” they did not go inside her apartment.  

On Sept.12, however, responding to another call from Mooney’s mom, officers had the building manager let them into her place. Seeing food that was “usually kept in the refrigerator” on the counter, according to the report, the officers opened the appliance and found Mooney’s body.

There was blood pooled underneath her and on the bottom of the refrigerator, the report detailed.

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