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How to Cook Fish – The New York Times



Sohla El-Waylly wants you to become an a-fish-ionado. That is, the kind of cook who turns out delicious, flaky fish every time, no matter the style: roasted, braised or battered and fried. In the latest installment of her YouTube series, Cooking 101, she’ll walk you through the best ways to shop for and cook this sometimes-intimidating protein.

  • Learn how to shop for fish. Understand the difference between farm-raised and wild-caught, and how fish is frozen. Know what to look for when buying whole fish.

  • Get to know salmon. Learn to make crispy-skinned oven-roasted salmon fillets without splatter. Spoiler: The key is in a dry brine and a broil. You’ll better understand different cuts (steak, center, tail end), discover why dry brines are so great for this fish and learn how to know when your salmon is done.

  • Get comfortable with frozen fish. Use it in a coconut curry fish, no defrosting necessary. Learn why braises are especially good for frozen fillets, and how to tell when your dish is ready.

  • Learn the lessons of fish tacos. Achieve a crisp outside and tender inside when battering and frying fish, get confident cutting against the grain (and identifying the grain of the fish in the first place) and see how to shallow fry without sticking.

And as a bonus: Watch Sohla teach you how to turn your leftover fish into a bagel-worthy dip.

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