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Gerry Turner, Theresa Nist Had Prenup: Their Finances Explained



Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist were protecting their assets when they decided to get married.

Gerry, 72, and Theresa, 70, tied the knot in January just four months after Bachelor Nation fans watched their televised engagement on the September 2023 finale of The Golden Bachelor. However, three months later, the pair called it quits.

Speaking with Good Morning America on Friday, April 12, Gerry and Theresa confirmed that they have a prenuptial agreement in place and “they highly recommend it to others,” according to ABC News’ Juju Chang.

While terms of the pair’s arrangement have not been publicly revealed, they each accumulated multiple assets and salaries before they tied the knot. While Gerry is now retired, he went on The Bachelor as a restaurateur who owned multiple establishments in Moline, Illinois. A bombshell éxposé by The Hollywood Reporter in December 2023 claimed that Gerry exaggerated and misrepresented his career, which he subsequently denied.

“The business I owned was very much like the Cadillac Diner that Theresa and I went to on the very first date,” Gerry told Katie Couric Media later that month, referencing his first Golden Bachelor one-on-one. “I sold burgers and fries and shakes, and it was a very profitable business.”

He continued: “And the comments about what I did later in life, I did those after I retired. I retired at 55, and I was very happy giving back to the community and doing things that were worth something to other people.”

Gerry sold his Iowa-based drive-in franchise, called Mr. Quick, in 1985 and retired to Indiana with late wife Toni Turner, where they built a lakefront house. Since retiring, Gerry also did maintenance work.

“I mean, jeez, I didn’t work as a handyman for the money,” he added to Katie Couric Media. “I did it because I knew I was doing something good for people who needed help.”

Theresa, meanwhile, has worked in finance for 17 years and holds six securities licenses. According to her LinkedIn bio, she serves as a senior compliance officer for a regional firm in her native New Jersey. During her appearance on Golden Bachelor, Theresa explained that she was initially a stay-at-home wife during her marriage to her late husband, Billy Nist. Following their union, she bought herself stock which led to a career as a day trader.

Additionally, Theresa has a house in New Jersey, which is where she’s continued to live throughout her three-month marriage to Gerry, who is based in Indiana. The pair had been contemplating moving in together before their separation.

“We looked at homes in South Carolina, we considered New Jersey, and we just looked at home after home, but we never got to the point where we made that decision,” Theresa noted on GMA.

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