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Ricotta Pasta Bake, Simple Roasted Salmon and Coconut-Lime Shrimp



This recipe from Ali Slagle is a lighter, brighter answer to stuffed shells, and much faster to make, too. Serve with salad or easy green beans like these, with the recipe halved; the beans can roast on a separate pan in the oven alongside the onions and tomatoes for the pasta.

Lidey Heuck gives us a straightforward way to bake salmon, using seasonings you might already have on hand (garlic, brown sugar and paprika) — though you can use any spice mix you like.

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Commenters are loving this recipe from Priya Krishna, who adds almond butter to a green bean and potato sabzi (the term for a vegetable dish, of which there are countless across Indian regional cooking). Seasoned generously with coriander, cumin, ginger and garlic, it’s an excellent dinner, and a flexible one, as you can swap in other vegetables if you like.

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This hit recipe from Yewande Komolafe works well for kids, with its sweet potato cubes that roast alongside the chicken. But it’s sophisticated enough for the adults at the table, too, with a lemon vinaigrette that takes a minute to put together and heightens the flavors of the dish.