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Melissa Clark’s Brilliant Make-and-Take Turkey



Of course, there are many meals between now and Turkey Day, and one of them could feature turkey’s fine feathered friend, the chicken. Kay Chun’s sticky coconut chicken and rice pairs gently sweet coconut rice with the bracing notes of fresh ginger, garlic and scallions, along with toasted cashews for crunch. Dash on some hot sauce at the end if you like it spicy, or leave it as it is, creamy and rich.

Then again, maybe you’re conserving your poultry mojo for later this month. In which case try Hetty Lui McKinnon’s tofu larb, a meatless take on the Thai classic, with toasted rice powder adding nutty depth to the chile-spiked, lime-lashed sauce. Or else Ali Slagle’s supremely autumnal pasta with butternut squash, kale and brown butter, which is so adaptable you don’t even need to use the squash or the kale. Experiment with carrots or chickpeas in place of squash and brussels sprouts or spinach instead of the kale. The browned butter and warm spices will heighten nearly any combination.

To make Vallery Lomas’s quick jambalaya completely meatless, she suggests using vegan sausage instead of the pork andouille sausage or chorizo. Made either way, with the classic Creole base of onion, celery and green bell pepper and brightened with Creole seasoning and tomato, it’s a hearty one-pot meal that can grace your table in about half an hour.

Then for something sweet, Samantha Seneviratne’s orange cranberry loaf, with its scarlet polka dots of either fresh or frozen cranberries, makes a pretty and citrusy addition to any cake plate. It’s just as good for breakfast, too.

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