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Every Season of ‘Sex and the City’ Is Finally Coming to Netflix



Sex and the City fans will soon be able to Netflix and chill with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha.

Netflix and Warner Bros. Discovery have reached a deal to license all six seasons of the HBO series, Variety reported on Wednesday, January 24. Sex and the City will hit the streaming platform in early April.

The deal does not include the two Sex and the City films nor the show’s revival and sequel series, And Just Like That, which is currently streaming solely on Max.

Sex and the City originally aired from 1998 to 2004. Sarah Jessica Parker starred as Carrie Bradshaw, a columnist living in Manhattan. The series followed Carrie and her three best friends — Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) and Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) — as they navigated dating in the city.

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Grab a cosmopolitan and get ready, because it’s time to relive the glory days of Sex and the City! The landmark HBO series introduced the world to Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) back in 1998. Sex and the City completed its six-season […]

During an August 2015 interview with The Washington Post, Sex and the City creator Darren Star admitted that he wasn’t prepared for the show’s massive success.

“When I brought Sex and the City to HBO, I wanted to do something independent, where I could be like, ‘I don’t care if anybody watches this thing,’” he recalled. “Honestly, the success of Sex and the City was the most surprising to me. It was sort of, like, the anti-TV show in my mind.”

In addition to its popularity, the show also garnered critical acclaim, winning an Emmy award for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2001. In 2004, Parker, 58, and Nixon, 57, both earned Emmys for their acting in the show’s final season.

Seventeen years after Sex and the City’s conclusion, And Just Like That premiered on Max in December 2021. Parker, Nixon, and Davis, 58, all reprised their roles while Cattrall, 67, has only appeared in one episode to date.

Cattrall’s cameo came during the season 2 finale in August 2023 when Samantha — who lives in London in the reboot — called Carrie to say she wouldn’t be able to make it to her “Last Supper” dinner party due to a delayed flight.

During the premiere episode of AJLT, Samantha’s absence was chalked up to a falling-out between her and Carrie.

“Well, what is there to say? I told her that, you know, because of what the book business is now, it just didn’t make sense for me to keep her on as a publicist,” Carrie explained. “She said, ‘Fine,’ and then fired me as a friend. I understand that she was upset, but I thought I was more to her than an ATM. I always thought the four of us would be friends forever.”

While Samantha is not an integral part of AJLT, the show introduced plenty of new characters to fill the void, including Sara Ramirez as Miranda’s love interest Che Diaz, Sarita Choudhury as Carrie’s realtor-turned-friend Seema Patel and Nicole Ari Parker as Charlotte’s new pal Lisa Todd Wexley.

Earlier this month, the Daily Mail reported that Ramirez, 38, will not reprise their role as Che in season 3, which is slated for a 2025 release. HBO declined to comment to Us Weekly on the report.

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