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Garcelle Beauvais and Son Jax Are in a ‘Much Better’ Place



The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais shared an update on her relationship with son Jax after their recent on-camera argument.

“[We’re] much better. It’s really interesting, because as much as that was painful, Jax and I are in a better place,” Garcelle, 56, exclusively told Us Weekly at BravoCon on Saturday, November 4. “Even the night that the show was airing, I said, ‘I’m going to have to relive this again.’ And he goes, ‘Mom, we’re in a better place. I love you so much.’ So, we’re working through it. They’re teenagers, they’re going to test waters, and I’m going to drink.”

During the premiere of RHOBH season 13 — which aired in October — Garcelle took her sons Jax and Jaid to the beach. The actress admitted she’s been going back and forth to film between Los Angeles and Atlanta, so she tries to “make quality time” with her sons whenever she can. (Garcelle shares son Oliver, 32, with ex-husband Daniel Saunders and twins Jaid and Jax, both 16, with ex-husband Michael Nilon.)

While at the beach, Jax admitted that going back and forth between his mom and dad’s houses while his mom was away filming “sucked.” He also added that he wants more freedom. After Garcelle noted that she wants him to let her parent him more, Jax explained that he understands where she’s coming from but “needed that two years ago.”

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“As of now, I don’t need that much parenting anymore,” Jax told his mom. “You know my intention isn’t to hurt you. I just think that what needs to be said needs to be said, whether it hurts or not.”

In a confessional, Garcelle shared how much her son’s comments upset her at the time.

“There’s a lot of pressure as a working parent. I feel like I’ve always been there for my kids,” she told the camera. “Can I say I was there 100 percent, all the time? No, I can’t. Hearing it from [Jax] is like a knife to the heart. I’m happy he’s being honest, but it makes me feel like a failure.”

She continued: “Listen, these boys, although they’re twins, Jax and Jaid, they couldn’t be more different. Back in the day, you didn’t parent differently. My mom blanket parented all of us. But, nowadays, you have to look at the child … I didn’t grow up like that.”

Jax previously made headlines in July 2022 amid his mom’s feud with RHOBH costar Erika Jayne. During an episode of the Bravo show, Erika, 52, yelled at Jax during Garcelle’s birthday party, telling him to “get the f–k out.”

Following the episode, Jax began to receive backlash on his personal social media accounts, which inspired Garcelle to speak out in defense of her son.

“I’m usually a very strong woman. I’ve been raised to be strong, my life has taught me to be strong, but when it comes to my kids it hurts. It’s not OK,” the reality star wrote via X (formerly known as Twitter) in August 2022. “I’ve been in tears all night. It’s just a TV show, people. Scream at your TV, throw something at your TV, but leave our kids alone.”

Shortly after her message, Garcelle shared an Instagram Story reposting some words from Jax detailing the harsh comments he had received online.

“Well I’d like to start off by saying I am still a kid and wish to not be viewed as a fully matured adult, because I am not one,” his statement read. “It is currently my first week of high school and, instead of enjoying it like most kids at my school, I have to deal with being attacked on social media.”

He went on to note that he “did not sign up for this show, nor do I have anything to do with the show’s drama.”

“I just want to be a normal kid,” Jax continued, adding that his social media accounts are for his friends only. “However, middle-aged women spamming me with racist and crude comments about my family is not what I expected for my first week of high school.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi