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Whitney Port Reveals Her Surrogate Suffered 2 Miscarriages



Whitney Port and husband Tim Rosenman revealed that their surrogate has suffered two miscarriages.

“We ended up doing two transfers with the surrogate. Both transfers ended up miscarrying. The last miscarriage was just a month ago,” Port, 38, explained on an episode of her “With Whit” podcast from earlier this month.

Rosenman, 42, noted that their surrogate was just over seven weeks pregnant during both pregnancy losses. Even though their doctor said they have a “97 percent chance” of having a viable pregnancy, the couple is concerned about their fertility journey.

“There might be something going on either with the surrogate or with our embryos,” Rosenman added during the emotional conversation.

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According to Port, the pair are figuring out their next steps. “We’re kind of at this beginning phase again where we still have three embryos left, two that are tested, one that’s untested,” she explained. “We are deciding do we try a new lab? Do we do another round of egg retrieval to get new embryos? Like, are all these embryos from the last batch not good, or do we put in one of the embryos that’s already made in the surrogate right now and just get that going while we make a plan to do another egg retrieval.”

Port and Rosenman became parents when they welcomed son Sonny in July 2017. They have discussed their plans to expand their family over the years despite the challenges. In November 2021, Port revealed that she suffered a pregnancy loss.

“I’m so sad to say this, and some of you may have watched our latest YouTube episode, but [we] lost the baby. We found out yesterday,” Port wrote via Instagram Story at the time. “Sending all my love to those of you dealing with this right now. I don’t want to be insensitive by making light of it, but glass half full — I don’t physically feel like complete s—t anymore.”

More recently, Port reflected on publicly discussing her fertility struggles.

“It wasn’t [hard to discuss] at first, and then the more I put it out there, it was. Not because I was getting any negative response but it became something that I had to talk about and be reminded of all the time,” she shared in an October Us Weekly cover story. “It was already taking over my life, and then it was taking over my professional life. As a digital creator, you’re in this world of showing your personal life as part of your business. So I felt like that was becoming the conversation, and it was all-encompassing.”

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The former reality star said the pain from the experience was still with her, adding, “It doesn’t just go away. And we’re trying to figure out the best plan for us, but I don’t want to give up. It’s still something that’s on my mind every single day.”

Port also praised Rosenman for supporting her in the aftermath of her pregnancy loss.

“It really did bring us closer together. Timmy [would say], ‘This is us dealing with this. This is not you dealing with this, and this is nothing that your body did wrong.’ I feel like sometimes that’s all the partner needs to say for the woman to not feel alone,” she told Us.

At the time, Port touched on her journey with surrogacy as well.

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“We’re exploring everything, and we’ve had a lot of that stuff happen that I’ve chosen not to share because at a certain point, there’s just so many updates, and it’s happening in real time, and I’m not even sure how I feel about it,” she admitted. “So I’m not ready to talk about the details of my plans.”

Port was hopeful about giving her son a sibling. “I’d love to [expand our family]. I always wanted more than one. There’s just something in me that feels like we’re not complete yet,” she concluded. “[And Sonny wants a sibling] so badly. Never in a way that makes me feel bad, but he wants a buddy or someone to look after. I don’t think he realizes what that will mean for him once the baby comes! I don’t want to be like, ‘Hey, appreciate this now, because in a year, or two years, or whenever it happens…’ But he’s going to be the best big brother.”