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Selling Sunset’s Mary Bonnet Says Nicole Needs to ‘Drop’ Chrishell Feud



Selling Sunset’s Mary Bonnet finds the ongoing feud between her costars Nicole Young and Chrishell Stause to be “frustrating.”

“[Nicole] is a very stubborn, stubborn woman,” Bonnet, 43, said during the Monday, November 13, episode of Jana Kramer’s “Whine Down” podcast. Mary noted that being stubborn can “also be a good thing,” as her husband, Romain Bonnet, is “a very stubborn man.”

However, Young’s stubbornness did not lend itself to making amends with Stause, 42, on Selling Sunset season 7, which premiered November 3 on Netflix. “I’m like, ‘Girl, stop! Like, you are not helping yourself. Just let it go,’” Mary stated. “And so, even when she wants to let it go, it’s like, I think she — something happens or something’s said where she feels like she has to defend herself because everyone has hated on her so much — she’s like, ‘I’m not this person.’ And so, by defending herself more, it just makes it look worse.”

Young, 53, has butted heads with Stause since joining the show’s cast in season 6 as she claimed the former soap actress got special treatment and was given certain real estate listings due to her relationship with their boss, Jason Oppenheim. Stause and Oppenheim, 46, went public with their romance in July 2021 before calling it quits that December. They have each moved on with new partners as Oppenheim began dating Marie-Lou Nurk in July 2022. Stause, meanwhile, tied the knot with partner G Flip in May 2023.

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Tensions between the two carried over into season 7, resulting in a face-to-face fight at Chelsea Lazkani’s birthday party. “I make more than you in five minutes than you could ever make in five years,” Stause told Young. “You’ve rearranged your whole face. You got everything done.” Stause also called out Young for not being able to take what she dishes out after calling their coworkers “f—king mean girls.”

Mary, for her part, thinks Young’s defensiveness comes from being “very prideful of real estate,” adding, “She’s very good at what she does, she’s prideful about that, but she really is, like, a very fun, outgoing, chill person. I go to her house and will hang out at her pool with her, and we’ll sit in a hot tub for hours and just talk and stuff.”

At the same time, Mary said Young can be an “extremist.” She stated: “In this situation, I’ve been very honest with her about that. I’m like, ‘I’ve tried to be a friend to you. I’ve tried to tell you, you are not doing yourself any favors. Here’s the reality, here’s what’s going on. This is an old situation. It’s Jason’s fault for doing it. It’s not Chrishell’s fault. You need to let it go. You need to drop it. It doesn’t matter. You’re not gonna go back to it. Focus on your current clients, focus on this. Leave Chrishell alone. Just stop.’”

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According to Mary, Stause has attempted to “move on and just try to coexist” despite viewing Young as “dead to her.” She continued: “Chrishell did apologize and stuff, and Nicole didn’t, and she says she wanted to. I’m like, ‘Then do it. Just do it. It doesn’t have to be a perfect scenario. Just do it.’”

Last month, Stause exclusively told Us Weekly that she “absolutely” thinks she could have handled her drama with Young better. “[But] if you continually put me in those situations and keep turning up the heat, it will probably happen again,” she added.