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Keke Palmer’s Mom Calls Out Sarunas Jackson for Defense of Darius  



Keke Palmer’s mother, Sharon Palmer, is supporting her daughter following an online defense of the actress’ ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson.

Shortly after Keke, 30, accused Darius, 29, of abuse in a restraining order filed on Thursday, November 9, his brother Sarunas Jackson took to social media.

“The most disgusting, vile, abusive, manipulative person I have EVER encountered in my entire life … Abuses almost everyone. Y’all will see,” Sarunas, 33, wrote via X (formerly Twitter) in a since-deleted post. “Just send positive energy to the babies.. Any child in the middle of something like this does not deserve it AT ALL. Wow. So damn sad.”

Sharon fired back at Sarunas: “For Sarunas Jackson to post on his Twitter the ridiculous stuff he’s posting when he knew his brother was abusive,” she said in a Thursday Instagram video. “I went to Sarunas over a year ago and told him that his brother was abusive to my daughter and he said, ‘I used to be like that too.’ What?”

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Sharon further claimed that “f—kboy” Sarunas, who is known for his role as Alejandro “Dro” Peña on Insecure, taught his brother how to “be abusive to women.” She continued, “So, he don’t get to act like he’s this special guy. No, you’re a f—kboy and a part of the problem.”

Sarunas has since denied Davis’ accusations. “I never once said that to Sharon, Not once in my life,” he wrote via Instagram comment obtained by The Shade Room. “I have never been abusive to any of the women I ever been involved with. But Sharon, the world is about to hear your voice. And the threats you made to my family.”

Darius has yet to publicly address Keke’s claims but posted “I love you, son. See you soon” via X on Thursday. Us has reached out for comment.

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Keke and Darius dated from August 2021 to October, ultimately splitting after attempted couples therapy sessions. Us confirmed on Thursday that Keke is seeking full custody of the duo’s 8-month-old son, Leodis, accusing Darius of “getting rough” with their baby.

“I was concerned for Leo’s safety after Darius became very frustrated with him when Leo was crying while Darius changed his diaper,” Keke claimed in the court docs, which have been reviewed by Us, about an interaction last month. “Darius started getting rough with Leo physically and I stepped in to make sure Darius would not hurt him.”

She further alleged: “Darius finally let go and Leo was not harmed, but as I was holding Leo trying to comfort him and finish changing his diaper, Darius hit me in the head before storming out of the room.”

Sharon, for her part, is tired of staying silent.

“I dare you, mess with my family. Family means everything to me,” Sharon captioned her social media video. “You and your family act like sociopaths and like the world can’t see it. You are phony and I saw you from day one, my daughter is kind and our family treated you with kindness and this is how you treat it. I won’t take this laying down anymore, I’M DONE!”

If you or someone you know are experiencing domestic violence, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 for confidential support.