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Anneliese van der Pol and Johnno Wilson’s Relationship Timeline



While Anneliese van der Pol and Johnno Wilson’s Raven’s Home characters were not endgame, the actors found a special connection in real life.

Van der Pol reprised her That’s So Raven role of Chelsea Daniels in the 2017 Disney Channel spinoff, in which Chelsea was a single mom raising son Levi (Jason Maybaum). Chelsea’s ex-husband, Garrett Grayson, was played by Wilson.

“I think it was probably a good thing that I didn’t really watch That’s So Raven growing up. I think I was a little too old. I had just missed it, which was good because then I was not as nervous to talk to [Anneliese] on set,” Wilson said during an October 2023 episode of van der Pol’s “Big Name B*tches” podcast. “And immediately, we just hit it off.”

According to Wilson, about “halfway through” his first week on set, he wished he “could ask Anneliese out” on a date despite dating another woman at the time.

Several months later, Wilson ended his preexisting relationship before asking van der Pol out on a date at the Raven’s Home season 1 wrap party. After five years of dating, they got engaged.

“We got together, and we’ve never looked back. I’m so happy. I love him so much,” van der Pol gushed on the October 2023 podcast episode.

Scroll down to look back at van der Pol and Wilson’s complete relationship timeline:

Early 2017

The actress and Wilson met when they were cast as exes on Raven’s Home. According to van der Pol, Wilson was “kind of flirting [her] up” in between takes. (The TV pilot aired on Disney Channel in July.)

“[My preexisting relationship] was on the outs for a long, long time,” Wilson said on “Big Name B*tches” in October. “I was coming in [to film] for three weeks over an 8-month period when I would see Anneliese, and we just had a good rapport. … But then, after the third episode, I didn’t see her for several months, and in that time I broke it off [with my ex].”

October 2017

Two months later, Wilson was invited to the Raven’s Home season 1 wrap party and reconnected with van der Pol.

“I was looking for [Anneliese], and she was completely avoiding me,” Wilson added on the 2023 podcast episode. “I was like, ‘Hey Anneliese,’ and she goes, ‘Where’s your girlfriend?’”

Van der Pol, meanwhile, was nervous since she “really liked” Wilson but thought he was in another relationship. Wilson told her that he was single “right away.”

March 2020

Van der Pol took their romance Instagram official nearly three years later. “He’s my ex-husband and I HATE him, but apparently YOU love him … so here ya freaking go. THE WHOLE VIDEO … 🙄🤣,” van der Pol wrote via Instagram, sharing a video of Wilson playing with facial filters.

August 2023

Van der Pol frequently joked about her relationship — and a potential engagement timeline — via TikTok. In August, she enlisted Wilson to recreate a scene from That’s So Raven. The pair lip-synched a moment from season 3 in which van der Pol’s Chelsea mistakenly called her then-boyfriend Danny by the name “Randy.” Wilson took on the role of Danny.

December 2023

Wilson proposed on December 23 in front of a decorated Christmas tree.