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Andy Cohen Sets Record Straight on Monica Garcia’s RHOSLC Fate



The 55-year-old noted that, in the end, all of the women “expressed that they very much did not trust her,” adding, “What I was also asking is, ‘Is there a path forward for you and Monica?’ and the answer was no all the way around. So, I think that it’s best, we all discussed it ad nauseam that it would be best to kind of let this one breathe for a while.”

However, Andy did give Monica credit for being the catalyst for RHOSLC‘s most talked-about season to date.

“She’s obviously really compelling television,” he admitted. “Maybe she’ll be able to build some inroads with some of the women on her own off camera and we’ll see if that happens.”

Keep reading to see where Monica landed on E!’s official ranking on every Real Housewife ever.

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