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Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Get Relationship Counseling on Podcast



Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes admitted that they let one little disagreement go too far.

“We can tell y’all that there has been one night that Robach and I have spent apart that can specifically be blamed and attributed to a fight that we had,” Holmes, 46, said on the Tuesday, December 26, episode of their “Amy and T.J.” podcast.

Robach, 50, admitted that the twosome “needed space” from one another and the distance was “good” for them to cool off. They were previously asked on the podcast if they were “open” to doing couples therapy and had said no at the time. However, Holmes quipped on Tuesday that they “might have spoken too soon” and planned to talk to longtime friend Dr. Jeff Gardere about their squabble.

The pair revealed that their disagreement started out as something “small” in regards to Holmes’ nighttime routine, which they ultimately let “fester.”

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Former GMA3 cohosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ reported romance made headlines in November 2022 when the TV personalities — both married to other people — were photographed getting cozy on various outings throughout the month. The pictures, first published by the Daily Mail, showed the pair holding hands in a car, laughing at a […]

“What sent me over the edge was that we’ve had this conversation so many times about your sleeping habits,” Robach admitted. “You like to stay up on the couch, you like to not go to bed, you started to make a meal at midnight and I just was frustrated. I was like, ‘Can we just please go to bed?’”

Holmes confessed that the argument took place right before the holidays and that both he and Robach were feeling the stress from the busy time of the year. They also admitted that alcohol played a minor role. Gardere gave both Robach and Holmes credit for knowing when to let each other wind down.

After choosing to not spend the night together for one night, Holmes confessed he felt guilty for his thought process for resolving the matter.

“I was embarrassed after the fight that my first thought wasn’t ‘I need to make sure she’s ok, and we’re ok, let me apologize,’” he recalled. “My first thought was, ‘We gotta make sure we’re alright because family is coming to town and we have to put on a good face. We go to go into the studio together and we have to make sure we’re upbeat and make sure that we don’t lead on that anything is wrong.’”

When they were ready to kiss and make up after a couple of days of silence, Robach and Holmes reached out to each other via text. Holmes admitted he needed a day or two to cool off and process his feelings. Robach, for her part, shared that she would rather have her boyfriend talk and “yell” at her rather than “freeze” her out during their disagreements.

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Related: Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ Candid Quotes About Each Other

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes initially connected after they were tapped to headline GMA3: What You Need to Know in 2020. “I had done segments over the years with Dr. [Jennifer] Ashton, who I would always seek out to ask for her expertise. We were collaborating almost every day before being on TV together,” Holmes […]

“When I have somebody close to me, that is the person who brought the pain that I’m feeling. This person is not going to leave my life I get that,” Holmes explained. “But I’m still dealing with that thing and grappling with being hurt so bad, and then trying to go back and receive love for the person that pains me.”

After speaking with Gardere and hearing Robach say how “awful” the distance was, Holmes sweetly apologized to Robach and noted that he would work on being a better partner.

Holmes and Robach made headlines more than a year ago after photos surfaced of them getting cozy off camera. Following the scandal, the former GMA3 anchors were let go from their jobs in January. Earlier this month, Robach and Holmes dropped their podcast where they discuss their relationship and how their loved ones reacted to the scandal.

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