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Aaron Carter’s Team Speaks Out After Death of His Sister Bobbie Jean



Though Bobbie Jean has remained out of the spotlight since the family’s reality show House of Carters ended in 2006, she made headlines earlier this year when she was arrested in Florida for shoplifting and allegedly carrying fentanyl.

Following her older sister’s passing, Angel looked back on the highs and lows Bobbie Jean experienced. “Life wasn’t fair to you,” she wrote in a Dec. 24 tribute to her older sister. “Sometimes, it feels like you didn’t have a shot, no matter what.”

“Experiencing innocence instead of being burdened by trauma, pain, and suffering is incredibly important for children, particularly at such a young age,” she continued. “I know why Leslie, Aaron, and now you ended up in the circumstances that you did. I share that pain we experienced during our childhood and I’m sorry you didn’t have an opportunity for a better life.”

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